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    Air quality up in some EU cities during pandemic lockdown

    Air quality significantly improved in European metropolitan areas such as Milan and Madrid because of lockdown restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, European Union officials said Monday.

    Covid and pollution: intimately linked, compound threat

    Lockdowns may have temporarily cleared up the skies above big cities this year but experts warn that air pollution remains a Covid-19 threat multiplier, as well a health hazard that will far outlast the pandemic.

    The Amur River Basin lost 22% of its wetlands from 1980 to 2016

    The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) highlight the conservation and restoration of wetlands. Understanding the extent of wetlands, their change trends and the proximate causes is important for the conservation ...

    Concrete jungle threatens mangroves on Pakistan island

    A short boat ride from the shores of Karachi, mangrove trees sprout along the quiet inlets of an uninhabited island that environmentalists say provides vital coastal protection to Pakistan's largest city.

    Charleston weighs wall as seas rise and storms strengthen

    Vickie Hicks, who weaves intricate sweetgrass baskets in Charleston, South Carolina's historic city market, remembers climbing onto the table at her grandmother's booth downtown when the floodwaters rushed by.

    Satellite to track rising seas as climate warms

    An Earth-observation satellite developed by European and US space agencies set to lift off Saturday will measure sea level rise, tracking changes threatening to disrupt tens of millions of lives within a generation.

    Abrupt permafrost thaw alters microbial structure and function

    Permafrost thaw could emit substantial carbon (C) into the atmosphere, and possibly trigger a positive feedback to climate warming. As the engine of biogeochemical cycling, soil microorganisms exert a critical role in mediating ...

    There are microplastics near the top of Mount Everest too

    Researchers analyzing snow and stream samples from the National Geographic and Rolex Perpetual Planet Everest Expedition have found evidence of microplastic pollution on Mount Everest. While the highest concentrations of ...

    Researchers discover 'missing' piece of Hawaii's formation

    An oceanic plateau has been observed for the first time in the Earth's lower mantle, 800 kilometers deep underneath Eastern Siberia, pushing Hawaii's birthplace back to 100 million years, says a Michigan State University ...

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